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Game difficulty and newbies

Let me start off by saying that I am not trying to bash on the game or anything. I like the game, I think it is fun.

That being said, I will get back to my point. I think the game is a little too difficult for newbies to understand. There are so many layers in the game, it becomes hard to follow. Eg. there are several types of dungeons- normal, abyss, soul. Then there are ranks, skills, levels etc.

Then there are combination of heroes and skills and skills sharing. You get my point?

While these things might not be complicated for everyone, they are to me. I find it hard to follow. I find it frustrating that I can't figure out whether my team is efficient or not; whethere I should keep a particular hero or not.

I think there should be some sort of guide to help idiots like me understand all this more easily

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I feel like the game itself should have small guides to help you. Such as a page that tells you what all the ailments and debuffs do to you (i.e. Frozen, Blind, Sleep, etc.) and other hints throughout the game. 

I guess for now, the fans will have to make one until the game has one in-game.

Hopefully, we can make one soon on the Wiki.


I would have bee helpful if they had included such hints in the game but since they haven't, it falls upon the more expert/older gamers to help out others.

Which is really unfortunate but I guess it can't be helped.


I have put a "Guides" tab under the Gameplay tab in the Wiki Navigation.

For now, there will be no protection so everyone can edit it, but if I see constant vandalism, I might have to change it...


Thank you very much. Hopefully we will have more people contributing eventually :)


If you can be patient, I am in the making of a guide for all the new peoples which should be out soon enough.

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