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• 7/17/2015

Game guide/tutorial, Tips and Strategies

Hello all! Here is your favorite in-game chat no-lifer / senpai!

 With all the upcoming and recent new players arriving and having a lot of questions, I’ve decided that it may be beneficial for everyone to create a thread with a guide explaining in-game things and providing some tips and strategies to help out everyone to better understand what’s going on, allowing players to have a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

So here we go!



There are 4 attributes in the game (class if we could say) going between the following:

  • Attack:  Has higher attack rating but lower defense than other attributes.
  • Defense: In most cases, has the highest HP pool, higher defense but lower attack.
  • Recovery: Slightly higher HP pool, average attack and defense rating
  • All-Powerful/Universal: Average attack and defense rating, usually comes with debuff or healing skills. 



There are 6 elements which each has their own weaknesses, the following elements are:

            FIRE -> TREE -> WIND -> WATER -> FIRE

            DARK <-> LIGHT


Each day of the week has it’s own element which are affecting Abyss dungeon, Soul Dungeon, Essence Dungeon and Wanted List / Bunny Troupe*


*Wanted List / Bunny Troupe = Powerful enemies providing ether cards used in evolving, which shall be discussed later in the tutorial.


The element for each day are the following**:

Monday = Fire             Tuesday = Water

Wednesday = Tree                   Thursday = Wind

Friday = Dark                          Saturday = Light



**Korea's timeframe may differ from ours which at the same time makes elemental days vary for each of us depending on our actual time.


A hero’s rarity will vary from different *(star) level between 1-6 stars each having stronger base stats than their lower levels. You maybe level up a hero up to level 30 by using other heroes as fodders or using “Soul Units” acquired through the Soul dungeon.Using the same element as fodder will provide x2 exp (thus making a good idea to farm the right Soul + element to quickly level up). When a hero reaches level 30, he may be “Awakened” by consuming the same hero, allowing him to level up to an additional 2 level to a maximum of 5 times (lvl 40 max). You may also “Enhance” your hero when using Enhancing cystals found throughout the story mode on several floors, allowing you to become even more powerful up to a maximum of +5.


Equipments are of course acquired through the Equip mode/dungeon. There are also several rarity for equipments between 1 – 6 *rating where the higher rating provides higher base stats on either attack or defense.


You also use equipments as fodder to level up your equipped gears up to a maximum level 20. For each 2 levels a bonus stats varying from HP bonus, attack, defense, speed or crit will be added to the ring or earring. You may also use gems to re-roll said additional bonus if you do not like them.


  • When evolving your hero, your equipment will be destroyed.


Once a hero reaches level 30 and is enhanced to +5, he may now evolve to a higher *(star) hero. To be able to evolve you are also required to use an additional numbers of heroes equal to the star rating of your hero which are also the same star rating.


Ex: if you wish to evolve a 5* hero into a 6*, you will require your maxed 5* hero + 5 more heroes (not required to be leveled up) that are also 5* in rarity.


There are two options as to evolving:

-        Regular evolve = will provide a random hero from the next *rarity level. The Attribute and element is also random upon evolving.

-        Ether evolve = Acquired through bunny troupe/Wanted or pvp rewards. You will require the same amount of Ether cards as the *level of your hero and same element. Ether evolving will provide you the same attribute and element as the hero being evolved for the next *level.

Example: a 4* Fire Tanker, will ether evolve between the choices shown for a 5* Fire Tanker.


Note: Evolving will erase all equipments and skills that has been added and leveled up.



Skill Sharing

Upon leveling up a skill to a certain level, you will be able to skill share with other heroes from your inventory. The level required to do so will vary depending on the unit's rarity that you will sacrifice. Skill sharing is a great aspect of the game allowing your hero become more powerful by using the selected skill of another hero that will be consumed. This doesn’t give you an actual additional skill to use manually. It becomes part your actual hero’s skill itself that you’ve used the skill share on. You may also only level up you skills up to the same level you hero is at.


Let’s take as example my level 30 Fire Spy’s skill Weak Spot Aim:


As you can see, the skill has been maxed up to his current level, as for the skill sharing I’ve used the skill of a 3* hero for additional damage. You may notice the blue exclamation bubble with a 25% in the box. This determines the cast rate of that skill in battle when you use Weak Spot Aim. The closer the hero’s *rarity is to your own hero, the higher the cast rate will become.


For say I would use Water timekeeper’s Point and Shoot skill:


As the rarity of the hero is of equal value to my 6*, the cast rate will become 100% making it a deadly attack combine with my current skill.


Now this is all different as to regards to AOE (area of effect) skills. They cannot become 100% cast rate, you will always be limited to 50% (would be way overpowered otherwise)



Battle Formation


In your main screen, you may switch your heroes’ battle formation between Attack and Defense by simply tapping the red atk or blue def icon. You may also switch them during battle by tapping on your hero’s image icon.


Battle formation will provide either an attack or defense buff depend on the formation of your team. You may get up to 40% buff if you put all the team on the same formation as we may see in the following images.


The formation may be very beneficial depending on the situation you are facing, either you are taking too much damage and need to defend or want to take out a tanker and go all-out attack.



Game Modes


There are several games mode/dungeons throughout the game providing different rewards upon completing them. Here are the modes with a brief description of it.


  • Story Mode: this pretty much explains itself, you may acquire Heroes, Gold and Enhancing crystal through several floors. And also the story is awesome. ;)
  • Equip Mode: As it says and shows, you can farm equipment for your heroes providing them substantial boost in their stats. Or just for fashion going from Old Earring to Pink Diamond Earring F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!
  • Soul mode: This dungeon will provide treasures giving you Soul units which are used to level up your units. Do note it is greatly suggested to farm the corresponding element of the soul unit to benefit of the x2 exp bonus when leveling up.
  • Essence Mode: This dungeon provides essences which are used in summoning other heroes in the summon option. The % ratio of obtaining higher than a 3* is rather low.
  • Abyss Dungeon: Gold rewards and Essences will be provided after clearing a certain number of enemy waves.
  • Giant Guardian: The higher level cleared the better reward will be provided at the end of the event.
  • Wanted/Bunny Troupe: When cleared, provides scrolls used to obtain certain *level of elemental Ether used in ether evolves.



Skill tree

On the main screen when you tap on your image icon, you will open the skill tree which has 3 attributes between: Attack, Defense & Utility. For every level you obtain, you may put 1 point in the skill tree. The choice on what to put will vary on what you would like to focus on with your current team setup. Are you going for full defense? More healing? Maybe all-out offense? You may even decide to go with the the utility to provide more gold and lower cooldown on your skills during battle. There are currently no meta on what skill tree is currently better.



On the top menu next to the achievements you will see small little fruits which is the social icon. From there you will have access to your friend’s list  which you can also search for other players. By adding friend you will be able to use their leader during battle when a party member is down or if you have an empty slot.

You may also send each other Essences which the element corresponds to your leaders.

This will be the end of the guide for the moment being until more contents are added in-game. If you wish to add any further details to guide do not hesitate to get in touch with me, in-game or via the wikia.


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• 7/20/2015

D Man, we should keep these guides under blog posts. Pages should be limited to official information provided in the game, not guides. Any guidance for the game should be under comments, discussion forums, and blog posts.

• 7/20/2015

The page itself was meant for fan guides, or a collection that people can look to for help when they need it. With no "Official" guide for...probably a long time, fan guides are the best we've got. Until an official one comes, this is the best we have and will be changed if one occurs.

I can either:

  1. Change the name to Fan Guides
  2. Take it down
  3. Remove it from the Wiki Nav.

What do you expect from a Wiki of a game that's barely a month old?

• 7/21/2015

do it need to be so strict ? D Man guide is quite useful & helpful to newbies 

• 7/21/2015

Like I said, as useful as guides may be, we should keep those to discussion forums and blog posts. The main purpose of the main pages of wikis is to provide the official information from the actual game itself. That's how most wikis work anyway.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to start a thread on my Message Wall.

• 7/29/2015

Heya Minhsue - Krythos here: great guide, and you're creating discussion, that's awesome :)

In case anyone is interested, I'm going to log my Essence Summons results here: just %, not the actual heroes summonned (well, maybe the 3* and 4*)

• 7/29/2015

That is a great idea. If you want to publicize this, feel free to start another discussion thread or even a blog post.

Also, the Google Doc is currently locked so you may want to change permission settings on it.

• 9/29/2015

Sorry, none of the pics are showing for me.

• 9/29/2015 wrote:
Sorry, none of the pics are showing for me.

She probably took the pictures down. It's an old guide.

• 10/4/2015
Odd because I still see them.
• 10/5/2015
Minhsue wrote:
Odd because I still see them.

They returned. Apparently, the pictures disappeared for a few days.

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