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  • D Man o3o

    A message from the founder.

    December 26, 2015 by D Man o3o

    Hello. I am D Man o3o, the founder of this Wiki. To sum it up, this game got way to big for my phone space wise and I had to delete it and never re-download it. Because of this, me and Linathan, who also stopped, have not been around much, nor have we contributed much anymore. Keep in mind though, we are still the admins and somewhat keep an eye on here from time to time. There is not much activity on this Wiki currently, and I don't know if there will ever be more.

    I just have a few things to say. If you would like to be an admin or moderator, please tell me and I'll see if you are qualified for it. Another thing is that you can still contact me at any time. I may not be active anymore on here, but I'm not dead. Any changes to the template…

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  • D Man o3o

    Currently, I am the only one doing the pictures on the Wiki, so the pace is slow. If you are good at photo editing software, feel free to try it too!

    For all images I haven't finished, they are located here:

    There you will have to change the .ktx and .tga files to png (recommended, but jpeg works too)

    to change the .ktx files, you will have to download the software PVRTexTool:

    For the .tga files, there are many different options. I personally use Photoshop since it supports it, but you can use whatever you want.

    I will upload all of the images I have done to this Imgur:

    hehe... So the f…

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  • D Man o3o

    So, at this point, animations are very possible.....but......I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO ANIMATE.....THIS...THING YET!

    Just....look at it...

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  • D Man o3o

    Images on the Wiki

    July 11, 2015 by D Man o3o

    Right now, there are no official images for this game...that we know of. So, for the time being, the unit pictures will have to be screenshots from the trusty handbook. If someone happens to get official images, feel free to add them to the Wiki.

    Any questions?

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  • D Man o3o

    For 24 hours, Water Showgirl will be available to summon for free as long as you log in during the event.

    Enjoy her!

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  • D Man o3o

    To prevent mass chaos, some things will have protection on them (i.e. Only admins can edit them)

    If something protected needs changed, feel free to contact me.

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