Dungeons are stages that the player enters at the cost of their DP. There are a number of monsters, power-ups, and treasure scattered around the stage. To complete the dungeon, the player must defeat the boss at which the "Final Battle" will occur at the end of the stage.


In dungeons, you will be given a number steps that you can take to travel throughout a map. There is no limit to how many steps the player may take in a given map. However, using more steps than the amount allocated will result in a "Power Down", resulting a decrease in the party's Power stats.

Skipping DungeonsEdit

Dungeons in which you defeated all monsters previously can be skipped with the usage of Skip Tickets. No battles will occur and all of the rewards in the dungeon will be earned, including Gold, Treasure boxes, XP, etc. However, heroes will not gain any XP upon skipping stages. There are now Premium Skip Tickets, which allow your heroes to also gain XP from your skipping exploits.

Usage of DP for dungeonsEdit

DP is used to enter dungeons. DP regenerates every minute.

Upon leveling, the player will restore DP equal to the maximum DP. For example, if the player had 30/80 DP, the player's DP will become 110/80 DP upon leveling. The current DP can exceed the maximum and will not regenerate until it reaches below the maximum DP.

DP can also be purchased in the shop.


If all of the player's heroes' HP reach 0, it will result in a game over. All progress in the dungeon will be lost upon defeat. You can however pay 20 Jewels to revive at full health and resume from where you died.