Equipment in this game are rings and earrings which mainly boost Attack and Defense status of hero respectively. Equipment can be obtained in "Equipment Dungeon",or quests and attendance reward. Their rarity goes from rank 1-6★ but only up to 5★ can be acquired directly from the dungeon.

Equipping EquipmentEdit

Equipments can simply be equiped in hero status page and cannot be removed, but it can be 'deliver' to other hero by using jewels.

Equipping new equipment will result in losing the old one.

Heroes of rarity 1-4★ can equip only 1 ring and 1 earring while 5★ can have 2 rings equipped and 6★ can equip 2 of each these extra slots have to be unlocked first by sacrificing a hero with 1★ lower rarity and gold.

Also if player decides to evolve a hero, their equipment will be lost unless the player "delivers" the item to another hero before proceeding.

Equipment Status And UpgradeEdit

Each piece of equipment initially provides(at least) 2 stats, Rings provide Attack and Earrings provide defense. All equipment always come with one of the additional Critical Chance, Evasion or Attack Speed effect.

You can also upgrade equipment up to +20 by using other pieces of non equipped equipment. The success rate will vary depending on the rarity of both equipments, at same or higher rarity is 100% success rate.

Upon upgrading the equipment it will receive a bonus to it's stats(ATK,DEF) and every 2 levels it will receive 1 random additional effects to HP, attack, defense, attack speed, critical chance or evade chance. These bonus effects can be 'reappraised' if the player doesn't like the effect they got by using jewels to re-roll it again.